Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pink and Leopard+Skinny Jeans


I found this top via Pintrest awhile back and feel in love so I ordered it. Just a few things to note. It felt like it took forever to come in the mail but it did finally arrive. Also it had shoulder pads-WTF?!? So I cut those out immediately. Other than that I love this top. Super comfortable and light to wear in the summer. I’m thinking blazer in the fall?

Pink/Leopard top: Sheinside $30 
Skinny Jeans: Citizens of Humanity $99 (typically $198!) via JMR. I love designer jeans but hate their prices. I think they are worth spending a little more because they tend to wear better and last longer but I never pay full price. Plenty of places carry different designers and eventually mark them down like these that I got for 50% off!
Black Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW $35 similar here
Bag: Steve Madden $90 I got this bag on a recent trip my hubby and I took down to Vegas. I sat in the Steve Madden store debating which color/style to get for over an hour. My husband had the nerve to suggest we go look at Dillard’s (Nordstrom’s didn’t have any). I told him he was crazy and I wouldn’t buy anything from Dillard’s (since I hadn’t been in there forever). Turns out they had the color I wanted and it was even $10 cheaper J Hubby was right and he likes to remind me every time I wear this bag but its ok because I love it! 
Rose gold watch: Michael Korrs $250
Rose gold bracelets: Target $15


  1. LOVE that shirt! I'm so excited about this new blog, you have the best style! I love that you shop at target for clothes too, its my favorite!!

    1. Thanks! I love Target :) They just built one out by my office and I dont know if I'm crazy but it seems like its better than our Centerville one you should check it out!